Sunday, February 26, 2012

C4T #2

David Warlick is an educator, a writer, a programmer,a public speaker, and a very successful entrepreneur. One of his recognizable attributions is the Sons of Citation Machine Website and here's a link to the Citation Machine Blog Page . He has made loads of appearances all over the nation, speaking at many a conferences about many things. According to his blog post "Follow That Conference", his most resent appearance was at the Encyclomedia Conference in Oklahoma City where he delivered a presentation about self directed professional development (learning networks). While I was reading over his blog (rather, listening to a podcast while I was reading over his blog), I saw some cool gadgets and widgets, (which I have now placed on my blog page). Anyway, his blog was pretty informal. It asnwered a couple of my questions such as: “Who should I follow?” “Where can I find them?” “How often should I get on twitter?”. In his blog he said to focus on an event, a gathering, or even an issue(as a good starting point to find people to follow), rather than focusing on one person’s follow list. he continued on and suggested this technique: to search for a hastagged event, such as #edm310, and look to the people who are most frequently posting messages about the conference, linking to blog posts about the conference, or linking to resources being mentioned and demonstrated at sessions. Click to their twitter pages, and follow them. He recommended to follow #Educon and Here's a link to the Educon 2.4 website. A final quote to end this summary "It is so important to realize that a critical element of being a master learner today is the network of people you connect yourself to."

C4T #2 for David Warlick. This blog post was simple. Mr. Warlick apologized to his loyal blog readers why he hadn't posted a blog in an unusual amount of time. I thought it was fine because he's been preparing for the NCTIES Conference later in the year which is not only the ISTE affiliate for his home state but also because it is a very prevalent conference. One of his presentations will be about instructional potentials of data visualization and infographics. While he was preparing for this, he came across an article that had a quote that got him to think about the school system, yet again. His thoughts this time: "schools and libraries need to become more like learning-literacy playgrounds than managed corals." ...I'm not entirely sure what that means. Anyway, I left a comment that said reminded him I was back on his blog to look for an update and to let him know I was going to post my C4T for him. I also asked him how to get the odiogo widget to work since I can't get it to work anymore.

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