Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Post #5 -

1.) Who is Scott McLeod? He is a man who knows what he believes in, that is for sure. He argues that parents should allow there kids access to technology.
Child Surfing the Internet on a Mac Book

To what extent, I am unsure of. But I have at least 2 thoughts behind this: 1st There is no way on earth that I am going to grant a child free, uncontrolled access to the internet. There would be blocks and regulators and monitors to record what cites he/she goes to and how often. Parental control. 2nd, my children would only have a limited amount of "free" time on the "computer" or what ever new devise(s) they have developed a decade from now for people to sit down and be entertained by. That's just some of my position. Not all of it.
But to answer my previously asked question: "Who is Scott McLeod?" My answer to that is pretty much this: Scott McLeod is the man with the plan! He's done so many things for technology, educational leadership, he is a recognized and well respected man. Though, I had never heard of him until now, his credentials are hard to argue against: "Associate Professor. CASTLE Director. Blogger. Idea generator. Solution builder. Agitator. Catalyst....Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He also is the Founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the nation’s only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators, and was a co-creator of the wildly popular video series, Did You Know? (Shift Happens). He has received numerous national awards for his technology leadership work, including recognitions from the cable industry, Phi Delta Kappa, the National School Boards Association, and the Center for Digital Education."

2.) In the YouTube video The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning), Mr. Travis Allen goes over a plan that could very easily revolutionize public school systems by use of Apples iTouch devise. There are apps that could help students learn more effectively and there are so many things that can be done with the use of an iTouch. He has apps including: email (for teachers, students, and parents to keep tabs on assignments and due dates), Chemical Touch (an in depth periodic table of elements), US Constitution, World Wiki (for geography), Star Walk, Formulae (formulas for all mathematics and sciences), scientific and graphing calculator apps, Notes (teachers can make and send to students, students can receive copy and use, etc.), Calendar (for use by teachers, students, and parents to schedule and track attendance, appointments, due dates, and even school events), and iHomework.
All of these applications can be used to create a near perfect schooling system that is interactive and holds people accountable. it also would virtually eliminate the mining of precious resources, such as trees, for school purposes and would help the planet stay healthier. I was schocked at how well this plan was initially put together. Since it was originally created, I can almost bet that it has been under construction to make it as flawless as possible.

3.) The video" Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque' "was pretty cool. I bet they spent countless hours trying to get that just right.
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

It was pretty cool though, I liked it. I saw something very similar once before, a church used nothing but iPhones, iPads, iPods in there iBand and created very good music!North Point's iBand It's pretty cool stuff!

4.) Teaching 21st Century Students by Kevin Roberts. I think Mr. Roberts thinks teaching in the 21st Century means not teaching facts and stuff, but teaching students how to be professional, teaching them skills, how to teach themselves, pretty much to not be lazy with there own education. And I, personally, agree with his presentation because this country could be so much better than what it is right now if people were so nonchalant about the opportunities they can take hold of and utilize for the betterment of not just themselves but there future family.

5.) Reading Rockets Website


  1. Travis, my name is Keeley Bryan and I was assigned to your blog for the C4C assignment this week. I agree with you that children should not be allowed unlimited access to the internet. I agree and disagree with Dr. McLeod. Yes, technology is the future of America and a child must be educated on the skill that he or she will need to excel in the work force, but technology should be used sparingly in certain classes. Educators are required to prepare students for success and if the future is technologically focused then educators should educate students on technology. I do not however feel that we should totally consume students with technology for the pure sake of using technology. Your blog post was well structured but the information included seemed to diminish throughout your post. You also wrote nothing about the fifth assignment. Other than that I enjoyed your blog post.

    great job,
    Keeley Bryan

  2. Yes sir, thank you, sir, for your comment on my blog! Ya know what? I actually can respect what you said "technology should be used sparingly in certain classes" as well as when you said "I do not however feel that we should totally consume students with technology for the pure sake of using technology." I couldn't have stated it better myself!Yes...I failed to write anything about the 5th assignment, Thank you, again.

  3. Travis,

    I noticed that you quoted some information about Mr. McLeod's credentials but you did not give the source for where you found this information. Also, be sure to add alt and title modifiers to all your pictures you use in your blog posts. Otherwise, this is a good post!


  4. I'm sorry. I'll get on that right away, I don't know how I keep forgetting to put alt and title modifiers...