Tuesday, February 28, 2012

C4K Summary for February

C4K for: 02/12/2012
My Summary of Kane J Blog Post My Holiday By Kane J.:
For my very first C4K (Comments For Kids) Assingment, I was assigned a young man named Kane J. Whose location is Auckland, New Zealand. In the post I was assigned to read, Mr. Kane wrote about a recent sleep over "holiday" at his Papa's farm! He saw a lot of cows and "a" goat. Then they went to a beach and observed huge waves. I am under the impressiohttp://taitesblog.edublogs.org/n that he really had a wonderful time on his holiday!

C4K for 02/19/2012
My Summary of Taite B’s Post Field Trip to the Boston Science Museum by Taite B.: This blog post was actually a video presentation documentation of Taite's first field trip. She, and the rest of her class, went to the Museum of Science in Boston. They observed a bunch of cool reptiles, they went on a spacecraft, watched a dust tornado form, and even traveled back in time to visit the dinosaurs! They traveled back to the present and went to the electricity show and then went to the Omni Theatre to see another presentation. After that, they got back on the bus and headed back to school after a great day at the Museum!
Happy New Year
C4K for 02/26/2012>
Summary for Nicholas's Blog - New years resalusions. This was a post he wrote after New Years about his resolutions for the new year, which are to spend more time watching hockey with his dad and drink more water. He was doing well at keeping up with his resolutions.


  1. Travis,

    Good summaries. I am glad you added clickable links that refer to the kid's blog posts that you are discussing. It sounds like you had some interesting kids!

    1. Thanks! I try, and so do the kids that I have been assigned, so it works out well for everybody.