Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4T #3

Assignment #1
Hadley Ferguson, an all girls middle school history teacher in Philadelphia
On March 20, I was assigned to read Hadley J's 100th Blog Post. her 100th post was about many things, but mainly why she blogs. She started blogging 2 years ago. Since she began she has made connections with very good and professional people from many different locations. Her experience with blogging has allowed her to not only reflect on her own practices but to become the push herself to be the best she can be. She also talks about the classroom environment and how different the students come in every class with there many different problems and backgrounds. She has connected herself to a community of similar people, educators, and that she has support and can express her situations and get help if she needs it.
Usually, I read the assigned post, comment, and summary, but this post was truly enlightening. While I was reading her blog post I thought to myself: maybe using a PLN isn't for my students, but beneficial for me? I want to be the best and the only way to become better is to learn. How can I learn if I don't search for answers? Anyway, this blog post really got me to thinking that if I connect myself with the right people that I can achieve things that I couldn't possibly achieve otherwise. Then I asked her to help me out with my connections and creating a PLN that would be good for me.

Assignment #2
Since the last time I was at Ms Ferguson's blog page I have visited many websites and expanded my PLE/PLN. While I was back on Ms. Ferguson's blog page I read her most recent post It’s Always In the Eyes!. She elaborates on a trip she took to the ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) conference, which was just done the road from her. At the conference, 2 awards were awarded ASCD's Outstanding Young Educator Award this year. One of the recipients names is Liliana Aguas, a 2nd grade teacher from Berkeley, California. She, Liliana, didn't even know she was going to be a teacher until late in her college career. She had always planned on being a scientist locked up in a lab all day "counting insects." One day, a former teacher of hers Professor John Hurst assigned her to put together a science unit for 4th graders. When she completed this project "Liliana discovered an even deeper passion than her love of science, one that changed her path completely" and she wants to be the one the teachers that brings science to life for her students.
I got to thinking that I want to meet a person like that soon because I sure would like to set up connections with people like her! That's pretty much what my comment said too.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Part 1. Just watched two videos created by Richard Miller(Rutgers University English Professor), collectively entitled "This is How We Dream". These 2 videos are put together to get us thinking about how writing in school has changed and how writing "as a culture" has changed.
The first of these videos talks about the incremental changes from the location of the workplace. It used to be that students (or workers) would need pencils, paper, and notebooks everywhere. Now they can just work with their personal laptop on the desktop. Mr. Miller decided to do several projects. He proved his point that anybody with access to a computer (of anykind) and internet can research practically anything they want to research. They can create movies, powerpoints, other video presentations from print based documents because they are now all over the internet. In video 1, Mr. Miller states that since we now have the technology that allows us to instantly send documents, forms, texts, all literary creations all over the globe that "this is the time to be engaged with the work of literacy; it has never been a more important moment for this profession or for people who take reading and writing seriously." We no longer have to rely on the release of current and updated print documents or similar sources of information because the internet has connected the world and provided a way for instant communication, independent research, social networking, etc.
The second video was a little bit confusing really. My thoughts: "I'm going to have to watch this again." No, but seriously, I don't think I am prepared right now to write articles and publish them on the internet. I have much to learn and many sources to get connected to. I am just now starting to get a hang of this PLN thing and I have only found a few sources. But in time, I feel that I will be able to do quite well in terms of writing respectable and professional articles on the internet, ones that qualify (in my lines) of my future profession.

Part 2. Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh. Because of this blog post, I now understand what Mr. Miller's second video was about. Mr. Miller talked about writing with multimedia...and for the purpose of the future students education, Carly put together an absolutely wonderful assignment that incorporates the main idea of his (previously stated) videos into becoming a teacher. She did very well!

Part 3. Due to technical difficulties, I am only able to complete half of 3rd part of today's assignment. The end result: If I've been told to look for something, but given no clues as to what I should look for, than I probably wont end up with a great end result. I can say this applies because there are so many videos that can be made about anything. So, I really don't have a particular preference as to what ideas to discuss in a video that I participate in. I'll put in my opinion on a situation and that'll be that.

Part 4. In Learning to Change, Changing to Learn philosophers of some sort talk about how education is changing and how students are learning and can learn. But learning and teaching is a process that depend on each other in such a way that if one does not succeed than neither does the other. I agree 100% with the video. Students have to start learning on there own, school is getting lame and boring because everything else in the environments around them outside of school such as facebook and parties and iPhones, video games, etc. Students don't have to go to school to learn, students have to be responsible and willing to learn.

Part 5. Here is my assignment:
-Watch the video introduction for Discovery Education Web 2.0 Intro by Justin Cometti.
-Visit Discovery Education's WEB 20.11 site
-Web 2.0 Tools is where we will have our Scavenger Hunt.
-We were assigned a list of 5 this to find, and I chose to items 2, 3, and 4.
2.) Locate the tool that most likely created this presentation. Once you find the site, look at the top right and click Pricing. Write a paragraph about the nice deal they make for students/
-The website that was used to create the presentation is http://prezi.com/ and this is the link to the special teachers pricing. I believe that teachers are charged $100 less for several reasons, the main reason being that they are teachers and "make no money" in the words of like 99% of my former teachers. On another note, Prezi's are engaging tools that can be used for teaching and entertaining. The little amount of money to be paid for such an amazing tool is incredible. If more teachers new about prezi's and new how to use them well, education would be a much more fun process. the best part is: all you have to have is a education email account to sign up. Think about this: I could get the "Enjoy" packadge valued at $59 p/year for free just because I'm a student with an "edu" email account. How awesome is that? I highly encourage you to look into this, you may be shocked at what you find.
3.) Find a tool to make-your-own comic strip. Create a comic and post a picture of it in your
-I used the MakeBeliefsComix Tool.
Comic Strip

4.) Find a video tool that you have never used. Summarize some it's special features.
-I found the ThinkQuest website. I like it, it is very interesting, and actually, a site that I have been looking for for a week or 2 now. One of it's most impressive features is its ThinkQuest Library that has Over 8,000 websites created by students around the world who have participated in a ThinkQuest Competition (another feature that ThinkQuest has).
The third interesting and special feature that this website has is its ThinkQuest Projets page.Projects provide a flexible framework for engaging students in exploring curricular topics and developing important 21st century skills, such as communication, teamwork, and technology skills. In addition, students are motivated by the fun and creative format and the opportunity to make new friends around the world. For teachers, a school portal enables quick and easy management of student accounts and review of project work.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

C4K for the Month of March

C4K for 03/04/2012 In a special place on the holidays… was not a compiled blog, which I thought it would be since my assignment was a blog written by "Amina, Charlene and Jessica" from Tottenham, London. But only one of the girls wrote in this blog, which was last updated over 5 months ago on September 21. She went on a trip to London, on Friday July 29, 2011, with her family. From what she says in her post, it sounds like she went to a fair; "When we arrived, we got to play on the bouncy castle, we got some cups, booklets, rulers, pencils, balloons and some drinks which was for free." I know I sure would like to go to a fair some time soon. Or anything like what she went to. They even had a "performance" and raffle tickets, though, she was only 2 #s off from winning, she still had a fun time and a good experience. She learned protocal if a fire erupts in the house, and then got ice cream. At the end of her blog she challenges the people to not be lazy on days that you can go out and exercise.

C4K for 03/09/12 - No Assignment this Week.

C4K for 03/16/12 - No Assignment this Week (Spring Break)

C4K for 03/25/12 Haider 5WS – Week 24 (100 Word Challenge) "Haider" attends Bradford School and in under the intruction of Mrs. Sarah Stones. Her class posted 100 word challenges, and Haider wrote a little story about a man and his white dog with red eyes. There were also 50 ants crossing the road. The man was astonished at how many ants there were and yelped out a scream as loud as a lions roar. But because the people of the town near him were trying to sleep,somebody called the cops on him and he was arrested. It was a fairily good post! good grammar and an interesting story!
Wordle of 100 Word Challange

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project #9 b - 2nd Timeline

Earlier in the semester we were ordered to make a Timetoast timeline with the hint that another similar project was coming. This week, we had the opportunity to chose between creating a Prezi or another timeline, though it didn't have to be from Timetoast, I chose timetoast again. This is an Instructional Timeline on the Video game Console Transformation:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project #10 - Summary of my PLN

A Wordle describing a PLN
A PLN is a Personal Learning Network. Since I have been in the class EDM310, I have been assigned numerous teacher's blogs to read and countless videos to watch. Honestly, I haven't kept up with all of them, but I have been looking for the right people. Once again, I am a Phys Ed. major and most of these teachers and videos have been for teaching teachers how to incorporate technology into there classroom, teaching teachers how to teach students how to learn, and what being a teacher is going to mean in the near future. Because Technology is always changing and advancing, so is the method of which we apply it in our daily lives.
Back to the main point, I'm a Phys Ed. major, I have been trying to look for my major related teachers and blogs. I would love to read about PE specific stuff. Though, I'm not very fond of taking other people's ideas, everybody has to start somewhere, and since this is already started, I might as well try not to re-invent anything. I'll be on the look out for teachers that meet the qualifications I am looking for, so hopefully the next time I update my PLN, I will have a plethora of connections!
Personal Learning Networks can be made possible through practically any and every social networking website. But here are some sources where I think a good sound and quality Personal Learning Network can be started, continued and successfully used: ,
Twitter, Facebook, Go2Web20, Building A PLN. These are just to name a few but there are many many more cites that you can go to such as the numerous amount of different blog cites. Google Reader, Symbaloo are more for organizational purposes for your PLN. Skpe is useful, google is very helpful. I never knew how much google could do, but be careful, if you don't want all of your information out there on the internet, than maybe a PLN is not for you. Remember in everything you do, you are leaving an "intellectual trail."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Post #7

Just watched the video "Networked Student" My initial reaction to this video is this: . Am I prepared to teach a networked student? No way. I have a very clear understanding of why I want to be in this profession, and computers and social networking don't really fit into my preference or teaching style. I am going to be a football coach, and a Physical Education Teacher. My class will be different than normal PE classes, it wont be just a physical activities class.
a Personal Learning Network Diagram Callage using examples such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, NetVibes, Yahoo, Google, and more.

I just don't see how that can fit "blogging" into my curriculum, in any way, especially as a high school or college football coach. One of the main reason I am going to be a football coach is to be a mentor to the kids that I coach. Not necessarily to be a school teacher, but a father figure. I want to bring a new element to the world of high school where teachers don't just assign work to do, but give back and guide the students to better there lives. I want people to get more active OUTSIDE and exercise more. Get more involved in there community. Yes, I know, there are hundreds of ways which getting connected can help accomplish all of my goals.
As I continued watching the video, I pondered the thought: social networking can be very beneficial. Social networking CAN be very beneficial. Like the video said, students can get up to date lectures and information almost immediately from the best professors in the country. But that doesn't fall into the category of weight room instructor, or Athletic Director. However, I could reach out to the students I do affiliate with and set them up with the connections they need to learn more about sports, Physical Education, lifting weights, how to stay fit, etc. Which would be more of the route that I would take. I'm betting that the course curriculum will not be educationally based enough to incorporate this type of style of learning into my "classroom".
There are millions of websites, journals, articles, organizations, clubs, networks, businesses and such on the internet, and apps that can do almost anything one would need to be a successful. Am I ready to be a teacher of networked students? No, I am not. There is so much more for me to learn before I can help my future student athletes.
Regardless, here is a website and a continued link of that website I stumbled upon searching for pictures to further demonstrate the power and versatility of a PLN: EdTechPost and PLE+Diagrams

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Post #6

I tried to watch this 1:16:27 long video: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Randy Pausch Last Lecture
I couldn't finish the video because my computer wouldn't load the last 15 minutes of the video without constant, focus breaking stoppages to load the video...
Mr. Randy was a wonderful person that taught many people many great things, especially in the classroom. He speech was entitled "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and rightfully so.