Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Post #7

Just watched the video "Networked Student" My initial reaction to this video is this: . Am I prepared to teach a networked student? No way. I have a very clear understanding of why I want to be in this profession, and computers and social networking don't really fit into my preference or teaching style. I am going to be a football coach, and a Physical Education Teacher. My class will be different than normal PE classes, it wont be just a physical activities class.
a Personal Learning Network Diagram Callage using examples such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, NetVibes, Yahoo, Google, and more.

I just don't see how that can fit "blogging" into my curriculum, in any way, especially as a high school or college football coach. One of the main reason I am going to be a football coach is to be a mentor to the kids that I coach. Not necessarily to be a school teacher, but a father figure. I want to bring a new element to the world of high school where teachers don't just assign work to do, but give back and guide the students to better there lives. I want people to get more active OUTSIDE and exercise more. Get more involved in there community. Yes, I know, there are hundreds of ways which getting connected can help accomplish all of my goals.
As I continued watching the video, I pondered the thought: social networking can be very beneficial. Social networking CAN be very beneficial. Like the video said, students can get up to date lectures and information almost immediately from the best professors in the country. But that doesn't fall into the category of weight room instructor, or Athletic Director. However, I could reach out to the students I do affiliate with and set them up with the connections they need to learn more about sports, Physical Education, lifting weights, how to stay fit, etc. Which would be more of the route that I would take. I'm betting that the course curriculum will not be educationally based enough to incorporate this type of style of learning into my "classroom".
There are millions of websites, journals, articles, organizations, clubs, networks, businesses and such on the internet, and apps that can do almost anything one would need to be a successful. Am I ready to be a teacher of networked students? No, I am not. There is so much more for me to learn before I can help my future student athletes.
Regardless, here is a website and a continued link of that website I stumbled upon searching for pictures to further demonstrate the power and versatility of a PLN: EdTechPost and PLE+Diagrams


  1. What's up dude I'm gone comment on this blog post since your one from last week isn't posted. I agree with you so far dude I don't believe blogging will really fit into our curriculum the way it will other teachers however some technology such as The PE Geek will be beneficial for us. There's lot's of technology we can implement that is not blogging based. I agree with you also on wanting to be a mentor. I hope as a coach one day that my athletes will look up to me as a role model.

  2. Did you write your post before or after you read Mr. Robbo's blog?

    Does your argument to your desire to be a football coach as well as a PE Teacher?

    Well written. Thoughtful.

    1. I believe that this post published before I went to Mr. Robbo's blog. I'm not sure I understand your second question