Thursday, March 22, 2012

C4K for the Month of March

C4K for 03/04/2012 In a special place on the holidays… was not a compiled blog, which I thought it would be since my assignment was a blog written by "Amina, Charlene and Jessica" from Tottenham, London. But only one of the girls wrote in this blog, which was last updated over 5 months ago on September 21. She went on a trip to London, on Friday July 29, 2011, with her family. From what she says in her post, it sounds like she went to a fair; "When we arrived, we got to play on the bouncy castle, we got some cups, booklets, rulers, pencils, balloons and some drinks which was for free." I know I sure would like to go to a fair some time soon. Or anything like what she went to. They even had a "performance" and raffle tickets, though, she was only 2 #s off from winning, she still had a fun time and a good experience. She learned protocal if a fire erupts in the house, and then got ice cream. At the end of her blog she challenges the people to not be lazy on days that you can go out and exercise.

C4K for 03/09/12 - No Assignment this Week.

C4K for 03/16/12 - No Assignment this Week (Spring Break)

C4K for 03/25/12 Haider 5WS – Week 24 (100 Word Challenge) "Haider" attends Bradford School and in under the intruction of Mrs. Sarah Stones. Her class posted 100 word challenges, and Haider wrote a little story about a man and his white dog with red eyes. There were also 50 ants crossing the road. The man was astonished at how many ants there were and yelped out a scream as loud as a lions roar. But because the people of the town near him were trying to sleep,somebody called the cops on him and he was arrested. It was a fairily good post! good grammar and an interesting story!
Wordle of 100 Word Challange

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