Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Post #4 - Podcast Reviews


Judy Scharf Podcast Collection: So what exactly is a podcast? "The term 'podcast' is a cross between “broadcast” and “iPod.” A podcast is a “radio-style” talk show. It may include music as well. It may be listened to on the computer or an MP3 player, and may be downloaded from iTunes or a podcast hosting service. Podcasting enables information to be shared with millions of people via the internet." -Judy Scharf
If something can be recorded, than it can become a "podcast" from education (i.e. step by step instructions on how to do synthetic divisions) to learning quicker ways to memorize the Periodic table of Elements to memorizing the correct reads a quarterback needs to make on every play.

In 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audiobook: I read about a project that a substitute teacher did with the students of a class she was directing, they were reading a book (in small groups). And while the students were reading this book, the teacher took groups out of the class to record them reading the book to an audio aid (podcast). "The students were eager to re-record if it didn't sound just right." That sounds pretty exciting to me! A year later, the first grade teacher took back over, and now had the ability to play an audio aid that the students could read along with while they were reading that book. That is a pretty darn good idea to me, I know I'd be much more interested in reading if all books could come with podcasts, that's for sure!

Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting: Explains how podcasts can help students study and learn effectively: "Recording a podcast and the EDITING of the podcast is a great tool, especially for language learners to play with the mechanics of the language. It gives the learners the opportunity to see their voices, read the sounds, manipulate the sequence of sentences, sounds can be deleted, edited, emphasized and re-arranged similar than a word processing program can do this with the written word." There is no doubt in my mind that this application will work, for what ever purposes one would use such an app for. Literature, storytelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, etc. "The tool (Garageband) allowed us to manipulate sounds, re-listen, think critically and logically about the best way to present the story- all in the target language. The genre (Podcast) allowed us to share our work, amplify our reach, gain an authentic audience and motivate students to create and be creative." I couldn't say it better myself, so I had to quote. I am finally starting to realize how much time I spent in a public school system getting taught facts, in stead of how to learn. It's actually kind of bothersome. They put together a pretty good podcast too. Very wonderful piece :)

Flat Stanley Podcast: These skills are interesting. I can't quite grasp what it actually is like to do what these kids did because I wasn't assigned such an assignment at such a young age. I was thinking about it, though, and perhaps that some of these podcasts aren't educational assignments that students are using for tools, but for fun thus not getting anything out of it. It is possible.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom: explains ways of how podcasts can be effective educational tools. I think that incoporation of podcasts into the education system would do wonders, and provide even more ways for students to success, virtually eliminating almost every excuse a student has to not studying or knowing material.


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