Thursday, April 26, 2012

C4T# 4

Mr. Jarrod Robinson at one of his demonstrations.

C4T# 4 Part 1
So, I have been assigned to Mr. Robbo's Blog for the final C4T for this class. I have been subsribed to his blog for many weeks now, possibly a month and a half. His real name is Jarrod Robinson and he teaches PE in Victoria, Australia and he also is well trained in Information Technology and has done many many many wonderful things for the PE teachers all over the world. Here is how you can find Mr. Robinson:
email at
Twitter – mrrobbo
Blog –
Website –
Skype – robbo6486
Delicious – Robbo64

Mr. Robinson has been blogging since at least November of 2008. The blog post I read,Great Web Tools for Health, Exercise & Actiity, was very informational (just like I'm sure all of the other's are). Over the past couple of months he has been looking for "websites that help to visualise, mashup and track health and exercise." There are 2 that I am particularly interested in.
First One There Wins
First one there Logo
This application enables people to set up races via Google Map. The web service then tracks all runs that the competitors complete and the first person to complete the designated total is considered the “first one there” and the winner. How about challenging a friend on the other side of the world to a virtual race between two famous landmarks. works like a rewards point system. It enables the user to earn real prizes and has incentives for the activities you complete. Just have to connect your runkeeper, foursquare, Nike+, Garmin and/or other services to earn your points. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem your reward from an extensive and ever growing list. But of course you have to be a member.

Earnd It Logo

C4T #4 Part 2
Today I went back to Mr. Robinson's blog and read his latest post entitiled "Top ‘Apps’ For PE Teachers – Part 13." What this post explains is the use of more apps. There are 7 apps in this post: PE Games, Video Coach, SnapGuide, Video Pix, iCoacher, Great Coach AFL, and AFIT for iPad. All of these apps can be used in a PE Classroom or for coaching and can be very useful tools!
I did end up leaving him a comment, it said something like this: Hi, it's me again. A few questions came to mind: How do you find these apps? Where do you look for them? How do you know where to look? Is it just one website? Do you have a database? Just wondering because I'd like to search for them too.
...I eventually figured out that most of these apps are from the iTunes store.
And I believe this concludes my very last C4T for this class! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi Travis,

    Great post on this month’s C4T and a thumbs up on hanging in there.
    I enjoyed reading your blog too! You are doing a wonderful job and I think you will make an awesome teacher.

    Cyndi Ford EDM310