Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post #11

Mrs. Cassidy's 1st grade class has huge potential in learning about all the wonderful tools the internet and other sources of technology have to offer because they are already blogging!
Here is a link to an interview with Mrs. Cassidy. Her approach on technology is very strong and focused. She uses technology in her classroom on a regular basis for several reasons! Even when she's at home she's on the computer looking for more things to use and get more familiar with. Once again, I'm not real sure yet of how I could use technology for a PE Class outside of the use of tech today such as YouTube and iPhones. But if I were going to be a teacher of some other kind, say, an English teacher. I believe blogging would be a primary tool in my class simply because blogging can provide more things than just a regular essay can. When students write essays, who do they write to? The teacher. Say essays had to be posted on the internet in the students blog. They would have a worldwide audience. Next, as a English teacher, it would be my responsibility to teach the kids how to read, spell, and use proper grammar and punctuation. Blogging would provide endless "worksheets" and study tools as well as access to the internet to explain why and how their mistake is incorrect.

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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to use technology in a PE class, you just have to brainstorm! Perhaps you could have students devise their own physical workout routine by using the internet to determine what kinds of exercise would be best for them. Or have them keep an online account of how much they exercise and do physical activities each week--it might motivate them a bit more to keep up with their exercises if they know other people can see how much they exercise. You're right, though, the internet is a great endless resource.

    I didn't see any grammar mistakes or spelling errors, so good job, and good luck with your goal of becoming a PE teacher.