Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project #13 -Using Collaborative Tools Such As Skype, Google Docs, Google +

We (Scholars United) were assigned 2 projects, Project #15 and Project #16. Project#15 had to be done without being face-to-face. Meaning that we had to think of an idea, put together a lesson, and create the lesson without ever really meeting in person.

1st we decided to use GoogleDocs.
Google Docs Collage
Once we established a subject, we voted for assignments and dealt them out accordingly as to who wanted to teach each part of the lesson. We then talked about who was going to do what and how we were going to do it all via Google Hangout from +Google.
As you can see, the first and most important thing we did was pick a topic for our assignment. Then we built constructed a document and we all edited and wrote on in appropriately letting everyone else know what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. When the time came around to film the video, we had a pretty good idea of what exactly was going to be said and presented. Lesson learned: there are many ways to use online tools for collaborative projects, virtually eliminating any and all excuses one may have to get out of doing there part of an assignment. In the area I live, devices with access to the internet are everywhere these days.
We also used Google Docs and Google Hangout to help us put together Project 16 as well. I will say this: Google Docs may have some beneficial uses to it, but the convenience of simplu right clicking and using the copy/paste tool is much more complicated to use in Google Docs. Hopefully in the near future, Google Docs will eliminate that problem. Transferring documents would be so much easier!

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