Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Blog Post Assignment #1

This is Travis Snyder speaking for my very first blog of all time. I am a physical education major and not entirely sure how this class will help me for that....However, this is a class that I am required to take so I shall do this class the very best I can. Hopefully I learn a lot in this class and will be able to incorporate the skills I may learn in to my future.
I was born in Orlando, Florida and I lived there till my 8th grade year which I moved to a small place called Daphne, Alabama. A major goal in my life is to be one of the greatest football coaches of all time. I measure greatness not just by the success the team has on the field, but off the field as well. I like to help people out in a mentor-ish kind of way. I want to lead people to live better more positive lives so that they will not only be able to take care of their family, but also their communities. At first, I was going to go to the University of North Alabama to play football; a few weeks later, I felt inclined to stay home and study at the University of South Alabama. I will be the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college. Not only will I graduate, but I will get a masters degree as well. I probably will get a bachelors in Physical Education Teacher Certification and a Masters in Exercise/Sports Science. I entered the field of physical education as a back up plan to my main goal of coaching college football. I want to see America get and stay more active in their personal lives. There are too many fat people these days and too many lazy people too. You will find that I will try to be as up front and to the point about things as I can be, but with a limited vocabulary and I have ADD so I sometimes put my thoughts into words incorrectly. I am HUGE on football. I live it and breathe it every single day all day. I could play it for an equal amount of time too. Reading, however, is one of my not so favorite things to do but it is how I educate myself (I am already a self learner when motivated).
I recently watched a youtube videa entitled "Randy Pausch on Time Management". In this 4 minutes video he talks about balancing a schedule and getting things planned out. I didn't really "Learn" anything from this video, but it did remind me a few things that football taught be. Such as: "It's hard for things to go according to plan if you got no plan" -UGA Coach, Stay active and make to do lists, get the more intimidating things done first, and finally, something about planning to do things a step at a time. I can't honestly say that I know anything about this man.


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  3. What do you know about Randy Pausch now? Did you try to find out anything about him?

    You will watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture later this semester. It is a powerful and moving video!